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Hans Offringa (1956)

Publisher, author, internationally renowned media expert and whisky connoisseur; studied English and Business Journalism. Having completed his professional graphical education and specialised in electronic media as early as the late 1970s, he is considered one of the pioneers in this field in the Netherlands, UK and USA.

One of his first jobs at a large Dutch publishing company was to publish national stock reports on teletext. A career change took him to a media advice company where he was part of the team introducing Viditel, the Dutch interactive videotex system.

Hans started his own consulting company in 1988, focusing entirely on multimedia. In this role he advised many companies in the Netherlands, UK and USA. During this period he remained active as a writer and published several studies, manuals and many articles about the use of multimedia. He was closely involved with the introduction of Euronet, one of the first commercial internet providers in the Netherlands.

In 1995 Hans founded Gopher Publishers, which is considered the first publishing-and-printing-on-demand company in the world. His first novel, The House, is also the first book to have been electronically published, printed and personalised on-demand. Hans won a prize in 1998 for his concept from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs for creating one of the most innovative internet business models. In 2001 Hans sold Gopher Publishers to a peer company, to fully concentrate on writing and media consulting. In 2005 he was instrumental in the sale of POD startup Booksurge to Amazon.

Hans has been combining his passion for whisky with his profession as a writer for many years. Under the name The Whisky Couple, he conducts whisky nosing & tasting sessions with his wife Becky for corporate events, groups, restaurants and business clubs. The Whisky Couple also works as translators/editors for the whisky industry at large. Hans continues to enjoy writing and translating books on whisky & whiskey, his favourite subject, alongside his work as a media consultant.