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Hans has written more than 25 books about whisky and whiskey, in English and in Dutch.  For his Scottish colleagues’ books, he has contributed chapters and photography to some and translated and edited others. These are the books most readily available in English.

A Field Guide to Whisky
200 Years of Laphroaig 1815-2015
Bourbon & Blues
Malts & Jazz
The Road to Craigellachie – Revisited
Still Stories
A Taste of Whisky
The Unseen Valentino Zagatti Collection
Whisky & Jazz
A Year of Good Whisky 2019
A Year of Good Whisky 2018

30-Second Whisky (Charles MacLean et al.)
1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die (Dominic Roskrow et al.)
Beer Hunter, Whisky Chaser
(Ian Buxton et al.)
Whisky – Eyewitness Companions (Charlest MacLean et al.)
The World Atlas of Whisky
(Dave Broom)
World Whisky (Charles MacLean et al.)

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