Raising the Kursk

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On August 12, 2000, the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank after several explosions in the bow compartment. President Putin personally promised the people of Russia that the Kursk would be brought to the surface in one year.

Hans was commissioned by salvage company Mammoet to write a book about what has been dubbed “the salvage of the century”. Raising the Kursk tells the true story of this complex undertaking.

Raising the Kursk cover

In the text are footnote references to the accompanying DVD so the reader can look, listen and be personally touched by the experiences of those directly involved. The DVD also contains moving interviews and a captivating documentary with unique images of the operation that was brought to completion in the Barents Sea in October 2001 under extremely difficult circumstances.

Full colour hardcover, 184 pages; DVD inside.

Sold out; some copies of Raising the Kursk are available second-hand.