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Hans Offringa

Established author, internationally renowned media expert and whisky connoisseur; studied English and Business Journalism. Having completed his professional graphical education and specialised in electronic media as early as the late 1970s, he is considered as one of the pioneers in this field in the Netherlands, UK and USA.

He started his whisky quest at the age of 18 and has been trained by many whisky experts in the industry, among whom Michael Jackson (†), Charles MacLean, Jim Rutledge (Four Roses), George Stone (Jack Daniel’s) and Jimmy Russell (Wild Turkey). He has written and translated many books and articles on this subject over the years, as well as visited hundreds of distilleries worldwide. Hans is proud to be a Tennessee Squire, Kentucky Colonel and a Keeper of the Quaich.

Becky Lovett Offringa

Co-owner of Conceptual Continuity, she is an editor and one of the successful female whisky professionals in the world. She does the editing and layout of books as well as conversion for the Kindle, sometimes providing photography. Holding a university degree in marine biology, she is a licensed real estate agent and former Vice President of a commerical real estate company.

Under the name The Whisky Couple, Hans and Becky conduct whisky nosing & tasting sessions for corporate events, restaurants, hotels, business clubs and whisky festivals. The Whisky Couple works as translators/editors and photographers for the whisky industry at large.

Hans & Becky