Hans Offringa

Hans Offringa is an established bilingual author and an internationally renowned whisky expert. He holds many esteemed titles in the whisky world: SMWS Ambassador, Patron of the Whisky Festival Northern Netherlands, Honorary Scotsman, Honorary Member of the Caledonian Society of Charleston (SC), Keeper of the Quaich, and Kentucky Colonel. He is also the contributing editor for Europe for Whisky Magazine, and one of the lecturers at the International Whisky School in Groningen, Netherlands. Offringa and his wife, Becky Lovett Offringa, are known as the Whisky Couple, and have been judges at the Dutch Whisky Awards since its inception.

The Whisky Couple leads to information about Hans and Becky Offringa’s work in the wonderful world of whisky.

Media Concepts is about Hans’ consulting company, Conceptual Continuity.

Publications is the place to find books Hans wrote, edited or translated, some of them together with his wife Becky. There are easy links for ordering.

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